Our Invention Services

We provide the highest quality invention design, development, patenting and marketing services at the lowest cost. Guaranteed!

How We Bring Your Invention to Market

Invention Review

On average, it takes 10 business days to complete the review of an invention idea.

FREE Patent Search

If we agree to represent your invention idea, a FREE Patent Search is performed.

2D/3D Invention Design

Your invention idea will be beautifully designed in a photo-realistic format.

In-Use Illustration

We will illustrate how a consumer effectively uses your new product idea.

Product Description

A professional writer will describe all the wonderful benefits of your invention.

Product Pricing

A team of engineers will calculate the recommended selling price of your idea.

Patent Protection

A U.S. Patent Attorney will write, file [and prosecute] a patent application for you.

Invention Marketing

Your invention detail will be placed on our Invention Marketing website for consumer review and selection.

Licensing & Royalties

10% of the highest rated inventions on the Invention Marketing site will be actively licensed to industry manufacturers.