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    The Market and the Problem

    All improvements in human welfare are due to new technology, new ideas, and new inventions. Consequently, enormous sums are spent pursuing new product innovation. Independent inventors are the driving force in developing improvements to existing products. Corporations have large and small R&D departments that develop more sophisticated technology. Universities regularly deliver new advancements in science and engineering. However, acute skepticism and risk avoidance has delayed or killed thousands of potentially valuable products.

    Bringing an invention to market is like finding a path through a minefield. Each year, millions of people invent new products. Approximately 10% are worth evaluating and 5% of those are considered exceptional inventions. Some products will succeed in the marketplace, but the vast majority will not. Determining which inventions will succeed is the challenge.

    Creators & Developers

    There are several different components to the marketplace. All work independently.

    There are hundreds of invention companies serving inventors. They typically provide; invention evaluation, product development, prototype development, product marketing, patent and trademark protection, product licensing services and inventor support.

    The Problem

    Most invention firms exploit inventors for profit and offer no real benefit. Consequently, they have a terrible client success rate and industry reputation.

    The Solution

    Patent Picks clients enjoy a success rate that is over 10X greater than the industry average and has a great reputation.